Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

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Moving forward with a kitchen remodel can be a busy, exciting time. The realization that you may be living without a kitchen for weeks however, can quickly turn that excitement into dread without some preparation.

To keep you sane and get your through the construction phase, create a makeshift kitchen in advance of the project launch.

  • Designate a dust-free space as the temporary kitchen
  • Equip it with a microwave, coffeemaker, toaster oven and refrigerator (mini or full-size.)
  • For meal prep use a smaller, portable table.
  • Use paper plates and cups to minimize dishes and clean up.
  • If you do have to wash dishes, designate a space or ask the contractor to setup temporary plumbing and a utility sink.
  • Cook meals on a grill outdoors if weather allows.
  • Have lots of non-perishable snacks on hand.

Chances are you’ve been thinking about this for a long time so don’t allow poor planning to sap your joy! Your dream kitchen is right around the corner.