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Ask A Designer:  2016 Kitchen Trends w/Jen Casey

The kitchen is an area of the home where we all tend to gravitate and should reflect your family’s personal style.  Selecting door styles, finishes and working with your designer to craft the perfect design is an important step toward realizing your ideal spaceBeing conscious of industry trends is a safe way to add personal flavor while maintaining style longevity. 

Designer Jen Casey pinpoints some of the stronger trends she’s seeing for 2016:

“People want increased functionality in their cabinets.  This can come in the form of accessories and inserts or technology.  I’m getting requests for hook ups in the cabinetry for a notebook or I-pad to view recipes or seeing requests for building a television right into the countertop that can be raised and lowered.  I’ve noticed that the color palettes are pretty neutral and that whites and grays have maintained their popularity.  Door style preferences are trending toward slab or shaker styles as opposed to decorative raised panel and the more ornate designs.” 

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