Closet Considerations with Bryan Brooks

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Looking for ways to streamline and organize your day-to-day?  Let’s start with your closet.  With just a few alterations to your existing space, you can transform your closet into a beautiful, functional area.  Designer and Owner Bryan Brooks discusses some of the ways you can organize and refresh this area of your home to maximize impact. 

“When designing a closet, the first thing that needs to be addressed is what’s going in it?  Get an inventory of what you already have.  That’s a really good place to start.  A good depth for hanging is 14”.  This leaves enough room for the pole without the clothes hitting the back wall and allows for 24” of space.  Some accessories that I traditionally put in a closet are: drawers of various sizes, a hamper, a mirror, a valet rod, a tie rack, a belt organizer and a jewelry tray with a lock.  With larger closets, an island is a really nice addition with a place to sit and put on your shoes.” 

Share your needs with your designer and we’ll translate them into a personalized solution.