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The kitchen is the most popular room of the home to renovate, according to Houzz research, and those who choose to remodel the heart of their home have some definite preferences. After all, the No. 1 reason they choose to renovate this area is no longer being able to stand the old kitchen — can anyone out there relate?

The 2017 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, from a research team led by Nino Sitchinava, Houzz’s principal economist, reveals that homeowners updating their kitchens prioritize changing out countertops, backsplashes and sinks. A majority of kitchen renovators are also choosing a more open feel for this room.

The study surveyed more than 2,700 Houzz users in the U.S. who own homes and are in the midst of a kitchen renovation, have recently completed one or are planning one in the next three months. Read on to learn what people are doing with these important rooms.
How People Upgrade Their Kitchens and How Much They Spend



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Owner Bryan Brooks talks about when it’s time to consider a kitchen remodel and where to start on KKTV’s Moms Everyday:

Looking for ways to streamline and organize your day-to-day?  Let’s start with your closet.  With just a few alterations to your existing space, you can transform your closet into a beautiful, functional area.  Designer and Owner Bryan Brooks discusses some of the ways you can organize and refresh this area of your home to maximize impact. 

“When designing a closet, the first thing that needs to be addressed is what’s going in it?  Get an inventory of what you already have.  That’s a really good place to start.  A good depth for hanging is 14”.  This leaves enough room for the pole without the clothes hitting the back wall and allows for 24” of space.  Some accessories that I traditionally put in a closet are: drawers of various sizes, a hamper, a mirror, a valet rod, a tie rack, a belt organizer and a jewelry tray with a lock.  With larger closets, an island is a really nice addition with a place to sit and put on your shoes.” 

Share your needs with your designer and we’ll translate them into a personalized solution.  

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Ask A Designer:  2016 Kitchen Trends w/Jen Casey

The kitchen is an area of the home where we all tend to gravitate and should reflect your family’s personal style.  Selecting door styles, finishes and working with your designer to craft the perfect design is an important step toward realizing your ideal spaceBeing conscious of industry trends is a safe way to add personal flavor while maintaining style longevity. 

Designer Jen Casey pinpoints some of the stronger trends she’s seeing for 2016:

“People want increased functionality in their cabinets.  This can come in the form of accessories and inserts or technology.  I’m getting requests for hook ups in the cabinetry for a notebook or I-pad to view recipes or seeing requests for building a television right into the countertop that can be raised and lowered.  I’ve noticed that the color palettes are pretty neutral and that whites and grays have maintained their popularity.  Door style preferences are trending toward slab or shaker styles as opposed to decorative raised panel and the more ornate designs.” 

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Moving forward with a kitchen remodel can be a busy, exciting time. The realization that you may be living without a kitchen for weeks however, can quickly turn that excitement into dread without some preparation.

To keep you sane and get your through the construction phase, create a makeshift kitchen in advance of the project launch.

Chances are you’ve been thinking about this for a long time so don’t allow poor planning to sap your joy! Your dream kitchen is right around the corner.

Spring is a time of renewal… a time for dusting off the ‘old’ and ushering in the ‘new.’ A time for breaking out the shorts and blasting those pasty whites with some much needed sunshine!

If it’s also a time you find yourself considering a bathroom remodel, here’s a great article on Houzz that breaks down what to expect and what to budget for:

Choosing a General Contractor w/Ramona Mauser

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to selecting a G.C. ask your designer! We all have contractors we’ve been working with for years with proven track records. If you’d rather forge out on your own consider the following while going through the vetting process:

Do your homework and ask a lot of questions. There are a ton of resources available, ensuring you walk into that initial meeting confident and secure in your choice.

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After starting a remodel and finding it difficult to communicate their vision and locate professionals, a couple based out of CA started ‘Houzz.’ Houzz connects homeowners to local professionals for various home projects. It’s also pretty addictive due to the MILLIONS of photographs of home projects from all over the world!

Need some inspiration for your next project?

Designing for Smaller Spaces w/Lisa Robertson

If you find yourself at the mercy of parameters for a smaller space in your home, don’t despair!

To maximize the appearance of areas like smaller kitchens and bathrooms, consider installing lighter cabinetry that can make the room appear larger.

Glass front door styles can also assist by giving the appearance of additional depth.

Optimize the height you have available and consider floating shelving.

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